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Price: $5750

EE20 Specs:

torque / output


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Boxer Diesel/Subaru Conversion Kit

All the parts below are the items you need for the Boxer/Subaru conversion.

  • SUBARU DIESEL EE20 EURO 5 - Starts at $4875

    Very complete EURO 5 engine! Comes with alternator, A/C compressor, full exhaust including turbo, Flywheel, clutch and more...

    Starts at $4875

    Inquire for Purchase
  • Boxer diesel Power steering

    Need power steering? We figured it out for you! Comes with all the necessary hardware. This power steering system has been tested for many miles and approved! Comes with hardware.


    Inquire for Purchase
  • Subaru Diesel ECU

    Calibrated Engine ECU for Subaru diesel only.

    Starts at $1940

    Inquire for Purchase
  • Engine Starter

    Factory Subaru diesel starter. More powerful than a gasoline starter. Diesel version is a must have for a durable and powerful start.


  • Transmission

    5 speed or 6 speed EE20 diesel-specific transmission.


  • Particle filter, called DPF or FAP.

    original DPF, low mileage

    $650 pls contact