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Overlanding Engines

In 2014, Boxeer departed on a 2 year adventure to South America with astandard factory tuning. The challenges and the constraints faced across our journey stretched the limits of the engine and taught us many lessons; from elevation of 14,000-18,000 ft, super fine desert sand, extreme temperature changes and rugged roads, the conditions  pushed the limits of even the most professionally made overland rigs. The lessons learned have allowed Boxeer to account for the irregularities of the roads less traveled, under the most challenging conditions. 

3 types of common rail engines:

2.0 subaru diesel
Volkswagen 2.0 4 cylinder
V6 3.0 diesel 


Worldwide diesel accepted
20000ft Extremely high altitude map
Simplified electronics
All emission system cancelled 
More power 
Less weight
Custom specific calibration 
Multi-maps for efficient and crawling mode
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