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Universal Kit - VW 2.0 TDI CR CJAA

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AC ($400)
Power Steering ($400)
Power Stage (+$500 per additional stage)
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Product Details

The VW CR 2.0 TDi is as versatile in its application as it is capable. Whether you’re looking to repower an old 70s Mercedes Unimog, replace an existing TDi in your Vanagon utilizing old engine mounts, set the land-speed record on Utah’s salt flats, race Pike’s Peak in Colorado or pair with an array of existing TDi adapter kits for a huge variety of vehicles, the low end torque, high power output, efficiency and small size of the CR 2.0 TDi makes it a perfect solution for just about any application.

The Universal Kit includes the basic essentials: engine, custom wiring harness and ECU – all the major components needed to start and run the engine outside of a vehicle. How and what you put it into is up to you, so get creative.

Boxeer offers hour-to-hour consulting for help on projects if needed. Contact for inquiries.

Example in action:

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