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Diesel Racing

Welcome to triple turbo diesel technology ;-) 
DIESEL KING of Pikes Peak on 99th and 100th edition 
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A 9mn Diesel Pikes Peak car? yes

The bug has been a very fun car and we have pushed the limit of it ! especially because of the poor aero and the single wishbone control arms we had an instable vehicle that felt dangerous. So we decided to take the super powerful engine and transmission package that we trust so much and inject this into a better lighter more aerodynamic dual wishbone architecture platform. this is where the Radical SR Chassis comes into play: 
simple and light Radical interior, only the necessary nice steering wheel, brake bias adjuster and maximum driver safety protection.
We took original radical engine out and installed our performance diesel engine package. 2.0 diesel triple turbo with Porsche PDK 7 speed. 

(100Th running ) 2022 specs :

Radical SR3 LMP1 Diesel 

Power : 500Hp at Peak 

Time estimated : 9MN club 


1968CC Diesel common rail  

Bore 81mm

Stroke 95.5

Compression ratio 15.5 

Max RPM:  6200RPM

Crank Main bearing diameter 54mm

Rod length 144mm 

Max HP peak 500

Max torque 550 

Boost pressure : 65 PSI 

Boxeer Motorsport Diesel engine 2.0 Common rail diesel 

Boxeer has spent time to develop the smallest most powerful diesel in history, the 2.0 diesel triple turbo output 450 HP and 550Ft lbs torque with the 7 sped PDK it can tackle the 1/8 of mile in the 5's and reach a top speed of 140 MPH in 8sec. We did not get there overnight here is our previous setups that will say a bit about the evolution.




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( 91st runing )  2013: 

-Subaru Impreza Diesel 22B 2.0 Diesel 

-Power : 89HP at peak 

Videos :



(98th running) 2020: 

-Vw BUG Proto 

-Power: 230HP at peak 

Time : 11:25:107


2020 Hoonigan buil BIO ;

2020 Grind Hard episode:


( 99Th running ) 2021:

-Vw Bug Proto  

-Power: 380 HP at peak 

Time :  10:09 ( calculated from qualifications )  ( short course SNOW) 

Lower section: 4:20.52

Middle section: 2:46.67 

Top section: 3:02.22 









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