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10/24/2023 /  Caleb 
1986 Volkswagen Syncro Tintop   
2.1 to 2.0 TDI at 15 degrees 
This engine is exactly what I was hoping it would be for my Vanagon. I can load up the entire family + camping gear and cruise up the mountain passes with ease… like 4th gear going 60 up hill. It’s incredible. I debated over a few different kits, but know I made the right decision with Boxeer. This thing rips!

11/07/2023  Alfredo 
1986 Vanagon Tintop
2.1 to 2.0TDI at 15 degrees 

Initially when getting the van, the idea is to build the ultimate get away home on wheels, but not too long after owning one of these things you quickly find out the amount of work some of these things need. Reliability isn’t a word you find too often with the stock 2.1. When learning about these vans you find that most people inevitably do an engine swap whether it be for performance or reliability. In 2023, I decided I wanted to be able to enjoy the van instead of constantly having it on stilts finding the next leak or problem. When searching for the ultimate engine conversion, rabbit hole after rabbit hole. I stumbled across Subaru, Boxeer and Bostig. All notable conversions compared to the stock motor, but expensive. When searching for videos online the only true video I found was one suggested from YouTube, a Vanagon with a TDI Swap from Boxeer with an astonishing 1 million views. I watched the video and was very impressed with the build and the way it was all put together mechanically.Truthfully, this made me lean more towards this conversion as instructions were laid out online as well as everything you need in a box. So I did a bit more research. In doing so, I found that Greg has been working on Vanagons forever. Very respectable work. So, I sent a DM to Greg. Greg was so quick to respond and by the time I knew it I was on the phone and then in Tennessee. With only a few testimonials out there. I think it’s only right to the TDI family that I share my honest review. Although it’s only been about two months since I’ve had this conversion done, I’ve been able to tackle on a little over 8000 miles effortlessly. This is my daily and I’ve never been more happier. The van moves and drives so smooth. I finally feel as if I’m getting to enjoy the van the way that I have always wanted to. Boxeer has not only given me a diesel moving machine, but a sense of reliability. Thank you Greg! “




10/26/2023 Alain

Syncro Westfalia

When I was planning my Westy Syncro conversion, I wanted an engine that could balance power, torque and fuel economy.  On top of being a brand new engine, Boxeer’s TDI  engine delivers well balanced torque and power while providing an excellent fuel economy.  My Syncro is heavy and I tow a small trailer to carry camping gears and bikes (6-700 lbs).  I cruise at 65-70 mph and get 23.5 mpg (US gallons).  (For my fellow Canadian syncro owners, this is 10 liters per 100 kms).  Merging in traffic and passing is done without thinking and I have more than enough power when off roading. I am very satisfied with this engine.  










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