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Vanagon Engine Kit @15˚-OEM ECU- NEW CRATE ENGINE 2016

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Installed ($5000)
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    The VW Vanagon is an extremely capable and well-loved platform that unfortunately hasn’t yet been synonymous with speed, power, efficiency or reliability—all important factors in good, working overland vehicles. That’s where Boxeer comes in. We have spent the last decade researching and developing the latest in VW Turbo Diesel engine technology to update and upgrade these vehicles, giving the user a more enjoyable and stress-free driving experience that starts with keeping the vehicle on the road instead of in a shop.

    The Common Rail 2.0 liter diesel motor is an engineering masterpiece capable of putting out incredible power while remaining efficient, nearly doubling the stock waterboxer's horsepower and fuel economy at the same time. It’s low end torque makes rock crawling a breeze and it’s smooth now vibration free (new EA288 is the first vibration free TDI ) operation makes highway driving a breeze. The ergonomically compact design stays true to earlier VW TDi models, making this an easy upgrade from earlier engines like the ALH or PD, and because this engine is used in VW vehicles around the world, parts are widely available and affordable.

    The EA288 2.0 TDI VW CR Vanagon Kit is complete and includes all necessary components for Vanagon installation using in house designed engine cradle, oil pan (optional) , coolant and exhaust systems. This is a comprehensive 'plug-and-play’ kit designed to make installation as simple as possible. With only a handful of simple mating points to the chassis, transmission and a few wires from the new ECU to the existing Vanagon harness, this is the most streamlined TDI Vanagon conversion kit on the market. 


    What’s included:

    • Intercooler and Pump 
    • All Intercooler Silicone with T-Bolt Clamps
    • Fuel Pump
    • Coolant Bottle
    • Full Stainless steel custom Mounts
    • Stainless steel Exhaust
    • All engine Coolant Hoses
    • KN Air Filter 
    • Flywheel and Clutch
    • Adaptor Plate / Flywheel / stage 2 clutch
    • Hydraulic Mounts
    • Fuel filter head included ( required 2 micron fuel filter part # S3209S ) 


    Installation Overview:

    • Choose Power Steering and/or AC options and place order
    • Drop existing engine and transmission
    • Pallet arrives
    • Mate Engine Kit to transmission  
    • Lift into vehicle (or lower vehicle, if using lift)
    • Bolt drivetrain to chassis
    • Connect provided plumbing 
    • Connect labeled wires (6 at most)
    • A/c charge and hoses depends on setup and involve extra custom work.

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