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In 2014, we departed on a 2-year overland adventure to the bottom of South America and back in a Boxeer engineered VW Syncro running a custom diesel conversion. The challenges and the constraints encountered on a journey of this magnitude tested the limits of the engine and provided us valuable insights that we’re proud to bring to our products. From operating elevations up to 18,000 ft, super fine desert sand and all-penetrating dust, extreme temperature changes and rugged roads, the harsh conditions of this trip were the testing ground that our Global Engine system was born. The lessons learned have allowed Boxeer to account for the irregularities of the roads-less-traveled and offer turn-key engine solutions for those willing to push the boundaries of adventure.

Boxeer provides the materials, the experience, and expertise to breath new life into your adventure rig. With a range of services including diesel engine conversions, vehicle outfitting, consulting, custom fabrication, mechanical expertise or simply providing quality parts, there is no idea too big or small that can't benefit from Boxeer's products and services. We understand every project has unique challenges and we strive to provide our clients with focused attention and care as we begin to understand how we can best assist.

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Phone: (615) 500-0578

4 types of common rail engines:

Volkswagen 2.0 4 cylinder
2.0 subaru diesel
V6 3.0 diesel 
1.6 Chevrolet Cruze LH7


Worldwide diesel accepted
20000ft Extremely high altitude map
Simplified electronics
More power 
Less weight
Custom specific calibration 
Multi-maps for efficient and crawling mode

Projects powered by Boxeer LLC:  


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